Sunday, December 2, 2012

All things Gator Related

Greetings, if you read the Miami Herald Basel Insert and have never heard of Lloyd Goradesky's Gator in the Bay, here are all the links, but for movement and sighting details please subscribe to

our main site is

and on facebook, you can follow the arc of the project at!/GatorInTheBayArtBasel?fref=ts

and for a wee bit (visual moving images) on what you are going to see just you tube "gator in the bay" or gator in the bay, floating tile art

and dont miss this clip from Channel 10

FOR MEDIA INQUIRIES CALL PENNY LAMBETH, Lambeth and Nagle Communications (Penny is also one of our core team members)  (305) 556-6280.

For Gator "Landings" at your very own dock, waterside condo or just to share the Gator with your friends call  CESAR BECERRA, project coordinator at (786) 877-6545.

and there are some other project links at

In short we have a 100 foot alligator head, 30 feet wide, three stories tall that will be at Basel later on this week. We like to thank V & M Erectors and Fronte Crane/Poseidon Plus Barge for thier awesome efforts in seeing this come to fruition.

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